BBS Cup very last now in Beckenham!

2018 BBS number one club Heindrich Swanepoel Memorial Cup very last

The County ground Beckenham will play host to the 2018 BBS primary membership Heindrich Swanepoel Memorial Cup very last when London Metro pass up towards Sussex Sharks on Saturday first September.

Scene: County ground Beckenham, Worsley Bridge Rd, Beckenham BR3 1RL

Scene cellphone: 0203 490 2370

Timetable for the Day

11.30 groups arrive.

12.00 Metro sharpen at the pitch.

12.20 Sussex Sharks sharpen at the pitch.

12.40 The Toss happens.

thirteen.00 First Innings starts offevolved.

15.30 First innings ought to wrap up now.

15.30 or at cease of first innings: Lunch.

16.00 approx. 2nd innings begins.

18.30 approx. 2d Innings wraps up

18.40 displays

neighborhood railroad stations:

Beckenham Junction 1.1 miles

Beckenham Hill – 0.6 mile

New Beckenham – zero.4 mile

decrease Sydenham – 0.5 mile

community Busses Numbers 54 and 352

The beginning overdue redeveloped brilliant ground which has a breaking point of 10,000 reliably plays host to Kent County Cricket club in particular in restrained overs cricket, with Kent gambling a couple of sooner or later Cup and T20 Blast arranges there in 2018. The ground in like manner advocated a multi day facilitate between West Indies An and India An in July.

The primary membership, the limit’s funder, had been built up at Beckenham Cricket club so it’s uncommonly suitablethat the fortieth arrival of the resistance will motive in the town.

Dave Gavrilovic, performing Chairman of British Blind sport and vice president of Blind Cricket England and Wales, expressed:

“we are fairly grateful to Ben green from Kent County Cricket club and his amassing at Beckenham for consenting to have our last this yr. The vicinity is excellent thinking about the gatherings who have met all stipulations for the final and i’msure absolutely everyone will fee playing at this sort of heavenly placing.”

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